Protect Any 4 Home Appliances Under One Warranty For £14.99 Per Month. That's Under £0.94p a Week Per Appliance.

Who Are We?

We are here to protect all your kitchen and home appliances against expensive service calls or the cost of replacing the broken appliance.  

Our straightforward domestic appliance cover is affordable, comprehensive and underwritten to give our customers total peace of mind. You don't have to wait 30 days to make a claim or provide proof of purchase to make a claim. We will also insure any kitchen or home appliance, regardless of it's age.

We won't exaggerate like other companies, our typical arrival times are 24-72 hours after reporting a fault with your appliance.  

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Let's answer some important questions

Do you cover older appliances?
Yes, we provide cover for appliances of any age.

Is there a time limit before I can make my first claim?
No, as long as your appliances are in good working order, you are covered immediately.

Is there an excess fee on any claims?
Yes, there is a £15 excess fee for every claim. For an extra £2 per month Direct Debit your warranty will have no excess claim fees. If you opt for a yearly option, you can have a no excess fee package for an additional £24, one off payment. 

Is there a maximum claim limit on each appliance?
Yes, there is a maximum claim limit of £500 per appliance per year but this can be increased to £2,500 for an additional monthly fee, please call 01792 966 987 if you have high value items.

Do you protect any brand?
Yes, our Engineers are fully qualified and brand trained, UK, European and American manufacturers included.

Can I have a monthly Direct Debit Warranty?
Yes, we have monthly rolling contract options, so you are not tied into lengthy contracts.

How many years protection can I take out?
You can fix the payments for up to 10 years, without a price increase.

What is the cancellation notice?
You only have to give 30 days notice to cancel your agreement on our monthly option and 30 days prior to the yearly end date, with our yearly option.

Do I have a cooling off period?
Yes, you have a 14 day cooling period and can cancel your agreement at anytime during this period.

The Very Best Domestic Appliance Cover

When we invest our hard-earned money into the purchase of an appliance, we want to know that it will last for years to come. Making an investment in anything from a kitchen appliance to an audio or visual tool, even a PC or games console, is a long-term investment. You would still expect to be using that product in the weeks and months to come – years, in fact.

When that product stops working ahead of the time-frame you would have expected, it can leave you out of pocket and out of opportunity. That’s why investing in domestic appliance cover is such a wise idea!
With the help of our cover for appliances UK consumers can find that their products have a much greater lifespan than before. That’s why Cover Domestic Appliances is such a popular choice for many people to pick up appliances’ insurance and appliance warranty cover for the long-term. You want to know that the product you just bought is going to be protected and that if anything goes wrong you can get genuine support.

Instead of being stuck with limited and meager coverage, we make sure you can get appliance breakdown cover insurance for a great price. Starting out at less than £1/week per appliance, you can get exceptional value with us to protect the long-term lifespan of any product you own.

Should an appliance stop working, either partially or entirely, it’s you who will be out of pocket due to the breakdown. When that happens, it pays to reach out to get professional help and expert input from people who care about the end result. That’s why we highly recommend you contact us today if you have any need for domestic appliance cover. With our excellent and flexible service, you can keep all valuable home appliances working as intended!

Avoid shelling out for expensive service calls ever again

One of the most challenging parts of buying a new appliance often stems from getting an expensive repair call. When a problem comes up, you often need to pay through the nose for a suitable standard of repair. With our help, though, you can get quick and professional assistance with getting assistance. This means that you can get a simple underwritten package that will ensure you can get complete peace of mind on any appliance purchase you have made recently.

Whether it’s a new PlayStation 4 for the kids, a new PC for your home office, a new HDR TV or a kitchen appliance that you know you’ll use day-in, day-out, we are here to help you out. It’s so easy to make a claim with us, ensuring that you can get any product insured and protected – regardless of how old it already is. Unlike other companies, we don’t make you jump through hoops to prove the purchase was legitimate. So long as we can work together, we can make sure that the solution you have sought out will be one that makes a genuine difference for you moving forward.

So, be sure to take a look at our various electrical appliance insurance services. This will ensure that you know you are fully and properly protected from any potential risk, harm, and/or damage to come in the future. That’s why so many people today are happy to turn to our expert help. For home warranties that really do make a big difference, then, let us give you the home appliance guarantee that you need.
With our assistance, you can get everything you need from home equipment insurance to home emergency cover to help you keep everything operating as intended

Why should I invest in home equipment insurance?

At Cover Domestic Appliances, we speak to people from all over the UK who are looking for the protection of home appliance insurance. We are often asked what the benefit of extended electrical appliance protection can provide. Some of the reasons we recommend making this wise investment include:
  • Since the Financial Conduct Authority regulate us, you can trust that we have your needs at heart and will work to ensure you get a solution to the issues you are facing.
  • We make sure that you always get a fair premium cost. Unlike other companies, we don’t boost premiums. This makes sure you always know what you are paying per year.
  • By having our team available on demand, we are just a phone call away if you want to solve anything. We can offer handle repairs within 24 to 72 hours of being called to investigate.
  • Unlike other companies, we don’t populate our policies and our pages with jargon and content that is supposed to confuse you. We keep everything simple, so you are never in any doubt.
  • We look to over-deliver on any project that we work on with you. If you trust us for your home equipment insurance needs, then you’ll get a service dedicated to solving the issue.
  • With vast experience in working with all kinds of appliances from both major and minor developers, you can trust that we know what to look for when working on any project.
These are just some of the reasons why people come to us for extended appliance warranty. When working with us to provide you with peace of mind, you can feel confident that you’ll get a service that does everything it can to provide you with the solutions you need, require, and desire.

The advantages of having multi-device appliance warranty

When you take out warranty on a singular appliance with other companies, it can add up to a lot of money per month. With our project, though, you can get cover for multiple appliances at once. This means appliances online extended warranty with us can be for more than one product. You aren’t stuck having to choose which appliances are worth investing in and which are worth leaving behind.

Instead, we make sure that you can make an informed choice based on a series of useful information given to you by our team. With electrical appliances cover, you know that you have something to protect each and every device at home. Whether it’s a new Nintendo Switch or a new office set-up for working from home, our team will be there to help you out. Our appliance home warranty is very popular today as it allows for a simple coverage system.

By covering all of your major appliances at once, you get a much better deal overall. Taking out individual cover per product can soon add up. With our service, though, you can get coverage for as little as £14.99/month for four major appliances.

This is a tremendous deal, allowing you to have total peace of mind that all of your most important items at home are working exactly as they should. And when a problem does arise, you know that you are just a single phone call or e-mail away from getting proper cover for appliances. This means that whether the problem at hand is minor or major, our team will find a way to correct it for you and make sure you get a fully working appliance all over again.

For the best appliance cover UK homeowners can find, click this link and get a free quote.

Having appliances insurance has never been so important

With the cost of living always increasing and the opportunities to get a good deal increasingly dwindling, it’s always important to protect what you do have at home. If you would like to make sure that any items you have bought are safely protected and cared for, then you should take a look at our appliance’s insurance options.

With cover for appliances of all shapes and sizes, we can make caring for your home a simple and generally far more affordable experience. We can step in when you need someone to help you make the calls and the decisions you need to make. Our expertise in helping you determine which appliances should be prioritised ensures that you know that you have full appliance cover for the items you use most.

From a games console to a TV, keeping your personal entertainment and professional working tools in full operation is vital to your quality of life. And when a problem comes up that you did not expect, do you really want to be paying through the nose to get a replacement – especially when money is tight?

Instead, you can contact us and sign up for appliance warranty cover. This gives you far more peace of mind that should a problem creep up that it can be solved quickly, easily, and professionally.

So, reach out to us today and we can show you the simplest way to make sure your appliances last as long as they should. It’s never been so easy to get affordable and reliable home appliance cover, making sure that you know you have the extended warranty protection that you were looking for.
With prices starting as low as they are, contact us today and we can help you get a tremendous deal on your most precious appliances!

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