Are Kitchen Appliances Covered Under Home And Contents Insurance?


Knowing what your contents insurance covers you for can be confusing. Here we will breakdown exactly what contents insurance covers, what it won’t cover, and how you can guarantee you protect all your kitchen appliances for the unexpected.


Your home insurance comes under two brackets, you building insurance, which insures the structure of the home and any permanent fixture inside the property. And contents insurance covers your belongings, any items that can be removed from the property if you were to move house. These items can be as big as your fridge and beds to jewellery and games consoles, depending on the policy you take out.

When considering contents insurance, you should always consider a worst-case scenario. If you were to have an unexpected kitchen fire at your property, resulting in damage to your kitchen appliances; how much will it cost to replace all the damaged items in your kitchen? Most likely, this figure will be in the thousands, if not more, as the cheapest you can get larger kitchen items such as washing machines and fridges is around £200 each. Most people can’t afford to spend thousands of pounds on replacing their large household items in one go when this cost comes at an unexpected time.

That’s where contents insurance comes in, and though it is not necessary to have contents insurance, it is a worthwhile investment for your belongings. As part of your policy, the provider will help cover the cost of replacing any damaged items you may have. When these costs usually come at a time where you may have to replace entire rooms worth of appliances, this financial support is the reassurance you need to turn your house back into a home.


Contents insurance will cover you for theft, fire and flood damages that may happen in the home; as well as any damages that may occur during a natural disaster. These are circumstances that we never expect to happen, but when they do, it can turn your life upside down. Most contents insurance policies cover these four factors as standard. However, you may be able to add extras for additional fees to include items you take out of the home, such as cameras, laptops and jewellery, and any accidental damage that may occur to household goods.

Most contents insurance will come with an excess waiver. Which means for the first few pounds you claim on, you’re not covered. A standard excess waiver is anywhere between £50-£100, but we recommend always reading the terms and agreements before agreeing to any contracts. Most policies will offer a new for old cover, meaning you will get a full replacement on the items lost, stolen and damaged. However, some plans will only provide you with the amount your appliance is currently worth at the time of purchasing the policy. Your policy can be affected when looking at items that are older as they may also take this into account when looking at pay-out options, and offer you less than you initially paid for the item, due to its old age.

When relating this to your kitchen appliances, a standard policy should have all items in your kitchen covered from the larger white goods, such as washing machine, oven and fridge freezers. To item’s, you may not consider due to them being smaller, like cutlery, kettles and saucepans. Products like this can all be covered if you were ever to experience external damage from means beyond your control. But there may come a time where your appliance stop working due to wear and tear or old age. It’s here you will find you won’t be able to claim on your contents insurance.


While contents insurance can cover you for a large number of unexpected damages that may occur in the home, it won’t cover your household items for everything — specifically, breakdowns. Contents insurance covers you for extensive damages, as mentioned above, and in regards to are kitchen appliances covered by contents insurance? if you were to have an appliance breakdown due to old age or wear and tear, your contents insurance wouldn’t fix or replace the item.

Due to this, most people will also take out additional domestic appliance cover. Especially when it comes to their kitchen items, like your fridge, washing machine and oven as they run a higher risk of breaking down, after their manufactures warranty runs out, due to their daily use, compared to other household items.

Domestic appliance Cover insures you for when a household item breaks down due to old age or general wear and tear of the product. Their purpose is to help you fix the damaged appliance, or if the appliance is beyond repair, they will replace the appliance; covering the cost for yourself depending on the level of policy you take out. To find out more on Domestic Appliance Cover, fill in the quick form below.

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