Boiler Terms & Condition

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These Terms & Conditions constitute your boiler maintenance plan. They should be read in conjunction with the accompanying letter from Covertxt Servicing Limited.
Thank you for choosing Covertxt Servicing Limited to supply your boiler maintenance plan for the next 12 months.  For the avoidance of doubt this is a maintenance plan not an insurance policy and should not be viewed or used as one. We hope that your boiler is trouble free and we look forward to helping you keep it this way.  However, should a failure of the boiler occur please follow the procedures detailed in this plan.

What Is Provided In Your Plan

A: Annual gas boiler service

B: Whole house radiator inspection

C: Visual inspection on any other gas appliance within the same property (Gas fires are D. chargeable at £50)

D: Parts and labour costs (some part exclusions apply)

Call out fees

What is Provided in your Annual Service ?

A: Annual Gas boiler service
B: Gas safety certificate
C: Flues and terminal check
D: All gas devices safety check within the same household (Gas fires are chargeable at £50)
E: Gas pressure and heat input verification
F: Operating pressure reset
G: Combustion fan check
H: Heat exchangers check
I: Gas and water seal checks
J: Burners check/clean
K: Ignition system check
L: Combustion performance test (where possible)
M: Controls check
N: Ventilation check
O: Heating controls / Energy efficiency advice
P: Radiator check and vent/bleed as required
Q: Call out charges

What is not Provided under Your Plan ?

A: Pre-existing, system design or installation faults
B: Underfloor heating and controls
C: Damage caused by weather or freezing.
D: Repair or replacement of the boiler should the approved replacement parts not be available.
E: Damage caused by or arising from sludge, scale, and other debris in the central heating system and related pipework.
F: Electrical ‘terminal ends’ (for example such as light bulbs, extractor fans, electric showers, domestic appliances)
G: Damage caused when your home is unoccupied for more than 30 days in a row.
H: We do not cover commercial properties such as Guest houses / B&B’s or similar.

Your Maintenance plan will also not provide for:

I:  Repairs within the first 30 days of the inception of the agreement, any pre-existing faults, any routine maintenance cleaning and servicing unauthorised by Covertxt Servicing Ltd 
J:  Work requested by you to take place outside normal working hours.
K:  Repairs carried out outside the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, unless otherwise agreed by Covertxt Servicing Ltd.
L: Cosmetic damage such as damage to paintwork, dents, or scratches or general wear and tear
M:  Replacement of any consumables that are intended to be replaceable such as fuses, batteries, bulbs, etc.
N: Equipment not properly installed.
O:  Equipment not properly previously repaired.
P:  Any equipment which is not working in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification when you apply for the plan.
Q: Homes with more than 10 rooms
R: Claims directly or indirectly occasioned by, happening through or in consequence of pollution or contamination of any kind.
S: Any excess fees which are applicable to your plan


If your boiler is deemed beyond economical repair or parts are not readily available, we will offer a discount towards the cost of a new boiler supplied by us, please see discount breakdown below. To qualify for this your plan must be active for at least three months with all payments made up to date.  If this is not the case i.e., if your maintenance plan has been active for less than three months you will be required to pay the cost of a replacement boiler. The discount is based on the current age of your appliance being replaced and is explained as follows:
Contribution towards new boiler supplied by us.
Boiler aged up to 7 years – £300 discount.
Boiler aged from 7-10 years – £150 discount.
Boilers aged above 10-15 years – £150 discount.
Your plan has a maximum limit that would be paid out for repairs. This is Limited to £300 in the first three months of your cover, after this time the cover is limited to £500.

Transferring your Plan

Your maintenance plan applies to your boiler at the address you have given us and to no other boiler unless previously agreed by Covertxt Servicing Ltd 


In consideration for the service’s we provide, you will pay us the amount stated in the letter accompanying these Terms & Conditions or any additional services you may opt for in the future. If you have chosen to pay your annual plan by direct debit, we have appointed the BACS Approved Direct Debit Bureau, Easy Collect Services Limited (www.eazycollect.co.uk) to collect your payments and this will be shown on your bank statement for these direct debit payments. The amount must be paid in full and in advance of any and all services provided.

General conditions


This plan starts when you indicate your acceptance to receiving our services (whether verbally or in writing) and will continue for 12 months. We will renew your plan automatically at the end of the Term on the same terms and conditions. If you do not want your plan to be renewed, you must notify us at least 14 working days prior to the next renewal date.

Provision of services 

We reserve the right to delay or suspend the provision of any services until we are in receipt of cleared funds. We will not be liable for service delays or failures where we are faced with circumstances outside our reasonable control such as Acts of God, outbreak of hostilities, riot, civil disturbance, acts of terrorism, acts of government or authority, industrial action, fire, subsidence, explosion, flood, snow, fog or other bad weather conditions, default of sub-contractors.

Cancelling your plan: 

Under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, you may cancel this plan by giving us notice in writing within 14 days from the time you enter your contract.  If you cancel it within this period, we will provide you with a full refund. Your right to cancel will be lost if you have received any service from us during this period under your plan.
Apart from the cooling off period and the circumstances described under Changes to Your Plan below, you may not otherwise cancel your plan before the expiry of the applicable 12-month term although you may refuse automatic renewal by notifying us of your refusal at least 14 working days prior to the next renewal date.  If you fail to do this, you may lose your right to a refund and/or incur cancellation or administration fees.

Changes to your Plan 

We reserve the right to make changes to your maintenance plan (including any change to the Amount) on giving you notice in writing at least 30 days before the change. Any change to the Amount will not apply until the next renewal date. If there is a price change greater than the current CPI inflation rate within the first 12-month period, then you can give notice to cancel the plan without penalty.
You are entitled to cancel your plan before the end of the term upon receiving notice of any changes (unless the change only relates to the amount as that will only become operative on renewal and you are able to refuse renewal) provided you notify us of your intention to cancel within two weeks of receiving our notice. If you cancel your plan in these circumstances, we will refund you that proportion of the amount representing the amount divided by the number of months in the term multiplied by number of complete months remaining before the end of the Term.

Additional charges that may be applied to your Plan.

If you wish to cancel your agreement due to unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to charge a £25 cancellation fee.
If your payments fall behind or we receive an indemnity claim or chargeback, we reserve the right to charge £22.50 for a payment returned by the bank and any relevant interest we are charged will also be payable at 5% above the current base rate.
We reserve the right to charge a £25 administration fee for making changes to your plan throughout the term of your plan. It is therefore important that you notify us on any changes to your plan e.g., contact details as soon as you are aware of them.
If a replacement boiler is needed, we reserve the right to apply any applicable charges for delivery, installation (standard or non-standard), removal of old appliances where deemed necessary.

Exclusion of third-party rights:

This plan is for your benefit only and any permitted transferee. No rights or benefits are given to any third party and the provisions of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 do not apply to this Plan.

Complaints Procedure:

It is always our intention to provide you with a first-class standard of service. Misunderstandings can, however, occur and we would prefer to know about the occasional problem than for you to remain dissatisfied.
Any communication can be made orally or in writing and on your behalf by a third party with your permission.
If any problem arises in connection with this plan you should firstly contact:
Covertxt Servicing Limited
Unit 21A The Business Centre,
Edward Street
B97 6HA
Tel: 01527 336136
Email : admin@covertxtservice.com
Telephone calls may be recorded for monitoring purposes and to improve the quality of service.

Additional Information: 

This maintenance plan is provided by Covertxt Service Limited whose registered offices are at:
Unit 21A The Business Centre
Edward Street
B97 6HA
Tel: 01527 336136

Data Protection:

We are committed to complying with the Data Protection Act 1998. We will not provide your data to any third party without your prior consent   although we may supply it to any sub-contractor or agent, we may use for the purposes of carrying out our obligations under your Plan.
 The information that you provide to us will be used us to fulfil your orders, for account management, payment and marketing purposes,
We may use the information that you provide to us to send you information about our products, services, and promotions (or those of our associated companies) as these may be of interest to you, unless you have indicated that you do not wish to receive such information by writing to our Data Protection Compliance Manager at the above address.
This plan does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

Governing Law: 

Your Plan is governed by the laws of England and Wales and the jurisdiction of the
English Courts will apply. We are an independent company. (Company Reg. No. 11896392)