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Let’s answer some important questions

1Do you cover older appliances?

Yes, we provide cover for appliances of any age. Get Your Online Quote Now.

2Can I have immediate cover?
Yes, if your appliances are in good working order you can start your policy immediately. Get Your Online Quote Now.
3Is there an excess fee on any claims?

We have both non excess claim fee packages and packages which hold claim fees. This ensures we are affordable to everyone. Get Your Online Quote Now.

4Is there a maximum claim limit on each appliance?

Yes, there is a maximum claim limit of £500 per appliance per year. Get Your Online Quote Now.

5Do you protect any brand?

Yes, our Engineers are fully qualified. Get Your Online Quote Now.

6Can I have a monthly Direct Debit Warranty?

Yes, we have monthly rolling contract options, so you are not tied into lengthy contracts. Get Your Online Quote Now.

7How many years protection can I take out?

You can fix the payments for up to 10 years, without a price increase. Get Your Online Quote Now.

8What is the cancellation notice?

You only have to give 30 days notice to cancel your agreement on our monthly option and 30 days prior to the yearly end date, with our yearly option. Get Your Online Quote Now.

9Do I have a cooling off period?

Yes, you have a 14 day cooling period and can cancel your agreement at anytime during this period. Get Your Online Quote Now.

10How do I make a claim ?

You can make a claim by calling 0203 021 7871 or speak to us through our webchat, it's as simple as that! Get Your Online Quote Now.

WHY should I invest in home equipment insurance ? ​

At Cover Domestic Appliances, we speak to people from all over the UK who are looking for the protection of home appliance insurance. We are often asked what the benefit of extended electrical appliance protection can provide. Some of the reasons we recommend making this wise investment include:

  • Since the Financial Conduct Authority regulate us, you can trust that we have your needs at heart and will work to ensure you get a solution to the issues you are facing.
  • We make sure that you always get a fair premium cost. Unlike other companies, we don’t boost premiums. This makes sure you always know what you are paying per year.
  • By having our team available on demand, we are just a phone call away if you want to solve anything. We can offer handle repairs within 24 to 48 hours of being called to investigate.
  • Unlike other companies, we don’t populate our policies and our pages with jargon and content that is supposed to confuse you. We keep everything simple, so you are never in any doubt.
  • We look to over-deliver on any project that we work on with you. If you trust us for your home equipment insurance needs, then you’ll get a service dedicated to solving the issue.
  • With vast experience in working with all kinds of appliances from both major and minor developers, you can trust that we know what to look for when working on any project.