Multi Appliance Insurance

Insurance Product Information Document

Company: The Insurer of this policy is China Taiping Insurance (UK) Co Ltd. Managed and administered by Covertxt UK Ltd.

Product: Multi Appliance Insurance Policy.

 This pre-contractual document provides a summary of cover relating to Multi Appliance Insurance. Other pre-contractual documentation
in connection with this product is provided separately. Contractual information and further details are provided within the policy wording.  

What is this type of insurance?

 Our Multi Appliance Insurance policy provides affordable insurance cover for your domestic kitchen appliances and computer and home
entertainment equipment, giving peace of mind that in the event of breakdown you can call us and we will arrange for repair on your
The following is a summary of what is considered to be the main characteristics of the insurance provided. For precise details of cover
and a full description of the exclusions and restrictions that apply, the policy wording should be referred to. A copy will be provided upon


 What is insured?

√Mechanical or electrical breakdown of appliances/
equipment you have chosen to insure whilst within
your private dwelling.

What is not insured?

Call out charges where a fault cannot be found with the equipment.

A claim arising during the first 30 days after the
policy starts.

If the appliance/equipment is kept in a garage,
outbuilding or location identified by the
manufacturer as unsuitable.