Fridge Appliance Cover

Fridge Appliance cover. We often overlook the simple things in life and forgot how important they really are. Imagine having stocked up your fridge ready for Christmas during this Covid-19 Lockdown only for it to breakdown! Not only are they expensive appliances to get back up and running, but if your fridge breaks, you only have a short period of time before the food goes to waste which can also be costly. It has become more important than ever to protect your fridge with our comprehensive freezer cover, don’t take the risk, get a free quote online today.

Why Don’t We Use Local Companies When Our Fridge’s Breakdown?

 Local companies will charge excessive call out fee’s plus parts and labour, and can be mind blowing. We are here to protect you with our fridge appliance  cover. With our 5 levels of fridge appliance cover, we can ensure everyone can afford to look after their essential fridge appliances that we all take for granted. Click the link below and you will get an instant online price for our fridge cover. You can also add more appliances and ensure you protect all the essential ones.

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Why Should You Take Our Fridge Appliance Cover?

How Essential Is Your Fridge To You?

Fridge’s are very essential to all family life and being left without one can cause huge financial stress. From £1.99 per month we will protect your fridge from mechanical and electrical breakdown. Get Instant Quote.

Do You Have A Large Family?

Having a large family is great! Evening meal gatherings, Christmas dinners together, Sunday meals together, the list goes on, but most of these wouldn’t run very smoothly without a running fridge! Let us ensure that your fridge is always up and running. Get Your Instant Quote.

Are You Shopping Around For Quotes?

When you shop around for quotes, please take into account everything. A clean car looks good until you look under the hood and it’s the same for fridges. Get a quote today for our comprehensive fridge cover. Get Your Instant Quote.

Has Covid-19 Made You Realise It’s Time for Cover?

With these Lockdowns we are all facing, it is expensive to get replacement items or items fixed, but with our fridge cover, we take all the hassle away. Get Your Free Quote.

Do You Have Young Children?

Young children have a seemingly endless need for eating food and let’s be honest, we love ours too! With a broken fridge and the food inside, this can be costly and can disrupt our normal day to day lives. Don’t let breakdowns get in the way, get an online quote today. Get Instant Quotes.

Are You Already With Another Provider?

It’s not unusual to change providers and in fact is a wise thing to do these days, very similar to the way we change car insurance. If you believe you are being over charged by your current provider or if you are unhappy in anyway, we can help through the whole hand over. Get Instant Quote.

Benefits To Our Fridge Appliance Cover

 Monthly or Yearly Payment Options

 We Will Cover Any Home Or Kitchen Appliance, Regardless Of It’s Age

 No Proof Of Purchase Required To Make A Claim

 Unlimited Call Outs

 Underwritten Policies By China Taiping Insurance (UK) Co Ltd.

 Immediate cover Available

 Typical Call Out Time 24-72 Hours

 Get 12 Months Cover For The Price of 10 And Beat Any Price Increases With Our Yearly Payment Option

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Monthly or Yearly Payment Options

Pick from easy monthly payments or get 12 months cover for the price of 10 on our yearly payment options. The best fridge appliance cover.

No Proof Of Purchase Required To Make A Claim

We will make it clear from the start, no proof of purchase or receipt is required to make a claim on our fridge appliance cover.

Immediate cover Available

We offer immediate cover. If you would like to get an online quote and start your cover now, get your quote below by clicking the link.

Underwritten Policies For Peace Of Mind

Fridge appliance cover is only worth what the company is worth. We always underwrite our policies to protect you, our customer.

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Let’s answer some important questions

1Do you cover older appliances?Yes, we provide cover for appliances of any age.
2Can I have immediate cover?

Yes, if your appliances are in good working order and you pay the first two instalments upfront, you can start your policy immediately.

3Do I get a replacement item if mine is broken?

If the appliance/equipment is beyond economic
repair a monetary settlement will be made based
upon its purchase price or £500 whichever is the
lesser, after allowance for depreciation.

4Is there an excess fee on any claims?

Yes, there is a £25 excess fee for every claim. For an extra £3 per month Direct Debit your warranty will have no excess claim fees. and if you opt for a yearly option, you can have a no excess fee package for an additional £30, one off payment.

5Is there a maximum claim limit on each appliance?

Yes, there is a maximum claim limit of £500 per appliance per year but this can be increased to £1,000 for an additional monthly fee, please call 01792 966 987 if you have high value items.

6Do you protect any brand?

Yes, our Engineers are fully qualified and can get you up and running in no time.

7Can I have a monthly Direct Debit Warranty?Yes, we have monthly rolling contract options, so you are not tied into lengthy contracts.
8How many years protection can I take out?

You can fix the payments for up to 5 years and without a price increase.

9What is the cancellation notice?You only have to give 30 days notice to cancel your agreement on our monthly option and 30 days prior to the yearly end date, with our yearly option.
10Do I have a cooling off period?Yes, you have a 14 day cooling period and can cancel your agreement at anytime during this period.
11How do I make a claim ?

You can make a claim by calling 0203 021 7871 and or speak to us through our webchat, it’s as simple as that!

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Protection at every corner of country

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Fridge Appliance Cover

Protect Your fridge with Covertxt. We are fast becoming the UK’s leading home and kitchen appliance warranty provider and we are proud of our hard efforts for our loyal customers.

We protect thousands of homeowners and landlords all over the UK from the replacement costs of new appliances when disaster strikes. We also protect all major UK, European and American brands.

The warranty packages we have can protect single or multiple appliances under one Direct Debit instead of multiple Direct Debits, which can be difficult to manage. Monthly options and up to 5 years fixed price warranties available. Our comprehensive kitchen and home appliance cover comes with a huge range of benefits.

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Our Engineers Are Fully Qualified And Can Fix Any Brand Of Fridge.

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