Who is Covertxt UK?
Covertxt UK Limited is a company who is directly authorised by the FCA to sell financial products and has been successfully protecting appliances for the last 5 years.
What Appliances Does The Warranty Cover?
We can protect any home appliances, either as a single item warranty or a multi item warranty package.
Do you cover older appliances?
Yes, we cover appliances of any age.
Is there a time limit before I can make my first claim?
No, as long as your appliances are in good working order, you are covered immediately
Is there an excess fee on any claims?
Yes, there is a £15 excess fee for every claim. For an extra £2 per month Direct Debit your warranty will have no excess claim fees. If you opt for a yearly option, you can have a no excess fee package for an additional £24, one off payment.
Is there a maximum claim limit on each appliance?
Yes, there is a maximum claim limit of £500 per appliance per year but this can be increased to £2,500 for an additional monthly fee.
Do you protect any brand?
Yes, our Engineers are fully qualified and brand trained, UK, European and American manufacturers included.
Can I have a monthly Direct Debit Warranty?
Yes, we have monthly rolling contract options, so you are not tied into lengthy contracts. 
How many years protection can I take out?
You can fix the payments for up to 10 years, without a price increase.
What is the cancellation notice?
You only have to give 30 days notice to cancel your agreement on our monthly option and 30 days prior to the yearly end date, with our yearly option.
Do I have a cooling off period?
Yes, you have a 14 day cooling period and can cancel your agreement at anytime during this period.
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Who are Cover Domestic Appliances?
Protect Your Domestic Appliances with Covertxt, fast becoming the UK's leading home appliance warranty provider. Protecting thousands of homeowners and landlords all over the UK from the replacement costs of new appliances when disaster strikes. We protect all major UK, European and American brands.

The warranty packages can protect single or multiple appliances under one Direct Debit instead of Multiple Direct Debits, which can be difficult to manage. Monthly options and up to 10 years fixed price warranties available. The comprehensive Kitchen and home appliance cover comes with a huge range of benefits
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