What is Domestic Appliance Cover ?

What is Domestic Appliance Cover ?

What is Domestic Appliance Cover? The world of insurance and Domestic Appliance Cover is a complicated one, what is it, how does it work and is it even worth it? Find out more about Domestic Appliance Cover to see if it’s the right cover for you.

When it comes to keeping a household running smoothly, we rely on all our appliances to be in good working order. We rely on our fridge to keep our food fresh our washing machines to clean our clothes and our ovens to cook our meals. Now when one of these appliances stops working disaster can strike and all of a sudden you’re transported to the dark ages, where you have no means of keeping your food fresh, cloths clean and relying on expensive takeaways to feed your family.

Our lives are so intertwined with the household appliances that we take for granted the everyday ease these items allow us. That when they break you’re stuck with the dilemma of, how much is this going to cost to repair, where do you even go to find a trustworthy maintenance specialist and how long will it take for it to get back to its regular working order. Alternatively, do you go out and buy a new product which could cost upwards of £200, just for this to happen next year once the manufactures warranty runs out. This is where domestic appliance cover comes in.

Domestic Appliance Cover is the peace of mind that if you are unfortunate enough to have an appliance fail on you, you have a team of people who are expertly trained to resolve the problem in getting the item fixed or replaced quickly and efficiently for yourself. Unlike contents insurance, which will cover you for accidental damage or theft of an appliance, Domestic Appliance Cover covers you for when a machine breaks down due to old age or wear and tear.

While some products in your household may still be covered by its one year manufactures warranty, once that expires you are on your own, this is where your Domestic Appliance Cover policy can save the day. It helps connect with a team of professionals whose job it is to know the Domestic Appliance industry inside out. Allowing them to connect you to the most qualified engineers for the problem, as well as quickly and efficiently source the correct parts and leave you stress-free that all will be resolved within the allotted time frame.

But if you still have a warranty on an item and already have household content insurance surely that’s enough so you don’t need domestic appliance cover right? That would be nice but unfortunately, both of those products covers you for a different thing. Firstly warranties cover your appliance within the first year of its use (unless you decided to pay for an extended warranty), this is during a period where an appliance is at its highest working order. Unless there is a manufacturing issue where they do a mass recall on an appliance, you will probably never use the manufactures warranty you get when purchasing a new appliance. As for contents insurance, this will only cover you for fire damage or theft of any household goods and does not take into consideration general wear and tear or an appliance getting old and needing parts replacements to keep it in good working order.


As mentioned above your Domestic Appliance Cover company will contact locally trained professional on your behalf once a claim is reported, from there, the engineer will come out to assess the damage and will either start repairing the item for you. Your cover should include all parts and labour cost in your monthly fee, so there is no unnecessary strain on your wallet at such an inconvenient time. Now if the appliance is beyond repair then the domestic appliance cover company will then cover the cost to replace your damaged appliance on your behalf, and depending on your policy you may be entitled to option during the claim. All of these services though do result in time saved, money saved and no stress in getting the appliance and your household back to its working order.

Depending on who your domestic appliance cover is with, they may all have varying degrees of options for yourself during a claim on an appliance that can’t be repaired. The most common options available are the replacement of the appliance for a new one, where they will purchase the appliance for you to a similar specification of the appliance that is beyond repair. They may also offer you a cash lump sum to the value of the appliance for you the purchase the new item yourself if you so wish, and some companies even offer the chance to upgrade an appliance to one of a higher specification where you will pay a small upgrade fee or the difference, and they will purchase the newer item that you desire.

As mentioned all of these services are provided for a small monthly fee or a one-off payment for the year, both options should be available to yourself – some companies may even offer discounts for a yearly policy as a form of a goodwill gesture for your loyalty to the company. Depending on what Domestic Appliance Cover company you decided to insure your appliances with, and what type of package you go for, be it just your kitchen white goods or your media entertainment items. It will always affect the monthly or yearly cost you spend. On average good domestic appliance cover should start from £20.00 to cover your essential white goods items as a bulk package which is usually six items or less, which is just £240.00 a year, unless they offer a discount as previously mentioned.

If you look at the cost of replacing an appliance today on average a basic low-end appliance you are looking at paying around £200.00 for the one item. If you wanted to try and repair said item you’re looking at around a £50.00 call-out fee, and depending on the engineer’s findings you have extra cost in the form of parts and labour which can be anywhere from another £200.00 as well. These costs may not hurt your wallet too much if it was just the one appliance that breakdown, but if a second appliance does happen to breakdown domestic appliance cover may be just the ticket you need to save your wallet in times of need.


So to conclude is domestic appliance cover worth it, yes. You prepare yourself for the unexpected, for a small fee you cover the cost repairs, parts and labour or even a brand new appliance. You have peace of mind that trained professionals are going to all the work for you no matter what the outcome, giving you the free time to carry on with your day to day life reducing any stress at a difficult time. Peace of mind, free time and the fact you’re saving money are surely good enough reasons to purchase domestic appliance cover, to get a quote please fill in the quick form below.

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